Looking Back: Preparing for DAY ONE of Marriage Equality

The NCLR and the Tennessee attorneys advancing our state's marriage case are doing a great job.  They have petitioned the Supreme Court and now we wait.  But waiting around with nothing to do is definitely NOT how we spent 2014. 

We prepared for three outcomes.  1.  We prepared for a generally positive ruling, which would require an additional legal challenge to bring marriage equality specifically to Tennessee. We worked with attorneys to identify plaintiffs across the state in case they were needed.  2.  We prepared for a sweepingly positive ruling that would have directly brought marriage equality to Tennessee through our Tennessee Ready for Marriage on DAY ONE program.  In August and September we held trainings in Knoxville, Johnson City, Cookeville, Collegedale, Nashville, Memphis, and Murfreesboro engaging hundreds of people.  The only program of its kind in the country, our preparations were profiled by the Equality Federation at this link3.  Finally, we prepared for the temporary loss in the 6th Circuit with rallies in Memphis, Jackson, Nashville, Cookeville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville that ended up engaging more than 300 people across the state and received extensive media coverage, which you can find at this link

It is not easy with a full-time staff of one person to prepare for every possible outcome, but with your support and the support of volunteer leaders around the state, like the group from Memphis pictured below, we did it.  When you pledge today to support the TEP Foundation on December 2 for Giving Tuesday, you make sure we are ready to advance equality no matter what the courts or the Legislature throws at us.  You can schedule your Giving Tuesday contribution to the TEP Foundation at this link today and it will count on December 2!

Looking Back: Equality Means Business

Launched at the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, Equality Means Business is our program to encourage businesses to serve all their customers regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, to treat their employees equally regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, and to stand by the principle that equality is good for the business climate in Tennessee.

Why is this program necessary?  With no prospects for a comprehensive LGBT-inclusive civil rights law related to employment, public accommodations, and other concerns at the federal or state level, we must persuade more businesses large and small to become inclusive in Tennessee.  Engagement with business brings important allies in the fight for equality in our state.  Pictured below is Joelle Phillips, president of AT&T Tennessee, accepting the Champion of Equality award for her company at this year's Olympus at the Parthenon in Nashville.

When you make a pledge to support the TEP Foundation on Giving Tuesday (December 2), you help us grow this important program.  You can use this link to schedule your Giving Tuesday contribution today and it will count on December 2.

Looking Back: Bi Visibility

TEP has long included bisexual board members and concerns, but we increased our efforts to include bisexual people in 2014.  We included more bi content in our Facebook and Twitter feeds and added two bisexual members to our TEP Nashville Committee leadership team.  That led to a public program on Bi Visibility, Stereotypes, and Erasure, which provoked some transformational discussions.  In addition, we are assisting the LGBT Carson-Newman Alumni in rallying support for Cassie Hopkins, a bisexual woman who has has been dismissed from volunteering with Yoke Ministries in Jefferson County.  You can read more here

TEP is committed to being a bi-positive organization.  Your support of the TEP Foundation on Giving Tuesday (December 2) makes it possible for us to do more.  Please, consider scheduling your Giving Tuesday contribution at this link today and it will count on December 2.


Looking Back: SAFE Tennessee because Schools Are For Everyone!

We've done a lot of safe schools/anti-bullying work over the years, but we upped our game in 2014.  As well as spending a lot of time working with citizens in Rutherford County to help them engage their school board, we also launched SAFE (Schools Are For Everyone) Tennessee in East Tennessee.

Ryan Hood, the program coordinator, is developing outreach to help communities deal with cases of bullying, assist GSAs, and engage their school boards.  Consider pledging today to support the TEP Foundation on Giving Tuesday (December 2) at his link, where you can schedule your contribution in advance

Looking Back: Media Message for Equality in Tennessee

The TEP Foundation increased our media outreach this year.  As well as providing media training for our community and allies in Knoxville, Chattanooga, and the Tri-Cities, we placed op-eds in media outlets in East, West, and Middle Tennessee.  We called out religious bigotry when it was necessary.  And we responded to over 100 local, state, and national media requests.  We amplify your voice for equality in Tennessee. (Pictured below are members of the TEP Hamilton & Bradley Counties Committee holding their first press conference following their media training.)

When you make your pledge of support for Giving Tuesday at this link, you help us reach more eyes and ears. 

TEP Hamilton & Bradley Counties Committee holds their first press conference following media training

Looking Back: Shelby Co Sheriff's Office gets LGBT diversity training

One of the most fun and meaningful experiences the TEP Foundation had in 2014 was providing LGBT diversity training for about 80 leaders of the Shelby County Sheriff's Office.  The trainers were a mixture of transgender, gay, and straight TEP leaders.  In some cases, it was the first time members of the staff received exposure to transgender issues and concerns. 

LGBT diversity training makes it easier for organizations and local governments to serve our community and promote our safety, dignity, and inclusion.  When you pledge to support the TEP Foundation on Giving Tuesday, you help us offer programs like this.  You can make your pledge here.


Looking Back: Elected Officials Come Out for Marriage!

One of the big advances in Tennessee in 2014 is the number of elected officials who came out openly in favor of marriage equality.  We worked with our national partners at Freedom to Marry to set up direct meetings with officials or members of their staff to ask them to sign Freedom to Marry's pledge.  The following elected officials endorsed marriage equality in 2014:

U.S. Congressman Jim Cooper, Rep. Sherry Jones, Rep. Mike Turner, Rep. Gary Odom, Metro Councilwoman Erica Gilmore, Metro Councilman Pete Westerholm, Metro Councilman Scott Davis, Metro Councilwoman Megan Barry, Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero, and Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke. 

Their public positions help change the conversation in Tennessee.  Help us continue to promote the values of equality and inclusion in Tennessee by pledging to support the TEP Foundation on Giving Tuesday.  Learn more at this link

Looking Back: Mint Springs Farm Success Story

2014 has been an amazing year of ups and downs for equality.  Remember when the local and then national story broke of a same-sex couple turned away from a Tennessee wedding venue? 

TEP was pleased to start a dialogue with the owners and they changed their policy to be more inclusive.  You can read about it here

Help us make more victories for Tennessee here by supporting us on Giving Tuesday.


Notes Toward the Next Equality Agenda for Nashville

Candidates have been busy this year, particularly lately, making announcements about next year's Metro Nashville elections.  We've been fortunate in that the 2007 and 2011 Metro elections resulted in pro-equality majorities in Metro Government.  We were aided by having a clear policy agenda that we worked through steadily, an agenda that was completed this year with partner benefits for Metro government employees.  So what's next?

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Tennessee Cities in HRC's Municipal Equality Index

The Human Rights Campaign has released their 2014 Municipal Equality Index.  Five Tennessee cities were rated.  Let's take a look at how they performed this year.

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