Will the Washington County Commission attack Elton John's marriage?


Elton John and his band are returning to Johnson City in March, according to the Bristol Herald Courier.   Johnson City is located in Washington County whose county commission will take up an anti-marriage equality resolution on January 25.

John married David Furnish in 2014.  He talks about the importance of family in the Bristol Herald Courier piece:

“The simple truth is I want to spend more time with my family and less time touring,” said John in the statement. “I am all too aware of how precious the time ahead is. My sons are growing up so quickly. Their early years are just flying by and I want to be there with them.

"This concert will give me a chance to say thank you to my fans here who have been so faithful over the decades. It’s always important for me to bring my music to everyone.”

It's bad enough that the Washington County anti-marriage resolution would make its own citizens feel unwelcome.  But the message to visitors is also worth considering.

Thank you, Kal, for the photo!

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