What is happening this week with discriminatory bills?

Yesterday there was an extensive discussion of the anti-transgender bathroom bill in the House Civil Justice Subcommittee, but they fortunately didn't seem to have the votes to pass it at that time.  So there may be amendments and the bill will be back on Wednesday, March 21.  The State Government Subcommittee didn't get to the Business License to Discriminate bill, so it is also back on the calendar for March 21.

Please, help spread the word that we need people to attend these hearings in red to show opposition.  Both take place at 1:30 on Wednesday at the Cordell Hull Building in downtown Nashville.  RSVP at the link.  If you can't make it, please share the link with friends.  Since the media is largely not covering these bills yet, we have found that not many people know the bills are moving.  We will have to get word out ourselves.

The clergy letter in opposition to the anti-transgender bathroom bill is still growing.  If you are clergy resident in Tennessee, send me your name and city of residence at [email protected] and we'll add your name.

If you would like to support our legislative work, please consider contributing at the link.

And continue spreading the word about online voter registration in Tennessee at this link.  It grows the power of the equality movement in our state.


Chris Sanders

Executive Director

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