The crucial difference about the new legislative session and what you can do

The upcoming state legislative session is really going to be different from the recent past.  Why?  Not only are most of the leadership positions in new hands, but about 1/4 of the members of the Tennessee General Assembly are new.

Why does that matter?  It matters because many of them have probably never had a substantive conversation about LGBTQ public policy.  They may know LGBTQ people and they may have read about the issues our community faces, but they have probably not sat down and talked in depth about legislation that could help or hurt our community.

So we have a major opportunity to shape their understandings.  We need your help for that.  Please, attend an Advocacy 101 session near you.  Those are listed below.  Think about becoming a district captain for one of the Advancing Equality Days on the Hill.  Those are also listed below.  If interested, email us at [email protected] .  And make your year-end contribution to the TEP Foundation at this link.  Your contribution makes it possible for us to train and prepare advocates to talk with legislators about these vital LGBTQ public policy issues.

January 8:  Murfreesboro Advocacy 101

January 12:  Nashville Advocacy 101

January 15:  Lunch orientation to the Cordell Hull Building

January 26:  Cookeville Advocacy 101

January 28:  Memphis Advocacy 101

January 30:  Knoxville Advocacy 101

February 5:  Advancing Equality Days on the Hill--Part 1

March 5:  Advancing Equality Days on the Hill--Part 2

April 2:  Advancing Equality Days on the Hill--Part 3

Gratefully yours,

Chris Sanders

Executive Director

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