TEP City Government Candidate Surveys: Equality on the Ballot

The Tennessee Equality Project surveyed candidates in these cities that are holding November 3 elections. All candidates for the city legislative body were surveyed. If you are a candidate and we didn't survey in your city and you would like us to do so, be in touch at [email protected] and we will consider your request.

Below are the responses for those candidates who completed surveys by the September 28 deadline:


Voters cast their ballots for alderman by district and may select one candidate in their district.

*Alderman Position 6

Kevin Quinn


Voters cast their ballots for city council according to the ward in which they live. There are multiple candidates per ward in most races, but voters may only select one.

*Ward 4

Margaret Thompson-LGBTQ candidate

*Ward 5

Melissa Eldridge

*Ward 9

Karen Reynolds

*Ward 11

Ashlee Evans-LGBTQ candidate

*Ward 12

Trisha Butler

Joe Shakeenab


There are eight candidates for city commission; voters may select up to three.

Kyle Beagle-LGBTQ candidate

Jeffrey Clark-LGBTQ candidate

Debbie Harley-McClaskey


There are four candidates for city council; voters may select up to two.

Sarah Herron


There are eight candidates for alderman; voters may select up to four.

Lloyd Dunn-LGBTQ candidate

If you would like to support the work of Tennessee Equality Project, you can contribute at this link.



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