Tennessee responses to anti-equality pastor in Clarksville

The Rev. Ed Manners, pastor of Kirkwood Baptist Church in Clarksville, recently wrote a column gaining national attention in which he argued that same-sex marriage is a recruiting tool and that one's sexuality is a choice. 

National outrage matters and is predictable, of course.  But were there any Tennessee responses?

Fortunately, yes, there were.

First, Clarksville resident David Shelton wrote this superb response for the Leaf Chronicle, where the Manners column originally appeared.    You can read it here

The Tennessee Equality Project also offered a response on Tuesday when asked by Fox17.  You can view the report here.

As we get closer to the Supreme Court ruling on state marriage bans, we can expect more of the same...and probably for some time afterwards, too, if the Court strikes down Tennessee's discriminatory amendment.

If you are aware of anti-equality rhetoric in Tennessee, feel free to report it at [email protected]

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