Tennessee clergy oppose new bathroom bill

Clergy and faith leaders from around Tennessee oppose the new anti-transgender bathroom bill that is up for consideration on March 14 in the House Civil Justice Subcommittee.  If you are a member of the clergy residing in Tennessee and would like to add your name, email your name and city of residence to [email protected] .

The statement and names of the clergy follow:

"As clergy and leaders of faith communities, we oppose SB2480/HB2620. Using the resources of state government to defend school districts that engage in discrimination is opposed to our values and it undercuts the important work of building just communities in Tennessee."

Rev. Tim Kobler, Knoxville

Rev. Brandon Gilvin, Chattanooga

Rev. Jeff Briere, Johnson City

Rev. Thomas Kleinert, Nashville

Rev. Pamela Hawkins, Nashville

Rev. Bruce Spangler, Oak Ridge

Rev. Greg Bullard, Madison

Rev. Kira Schlesinger, Nashville

Rev. Chris Buice, Knoxville

Rev. Dr. Gordon Gibson, Knoxville

Rev. RJ Powell, Knoxville

Rabbis Philip and Laurie Rice, Brentwood

Rev. Amy Mears, Nashville

Rev. April Baker, Nashville

Rev. J. Peter van Eys, Nashville

Rev. Jon Coffee, Knoxville

Rev. Cynthia Andrews-Looper, Gallatin

Rev. Deven Hazelwood Johnson, Johnson City

Rev. Tim Bath, Murfreesboro

Rev. Paul Slentz, Nashville

Rev. Robert Early, Nashville

Rev. Dave McIntyre, Tullahoma

Rev. Joy Warren, Murfreesboro

Spiritual director Mary Linda McKinney, Nashville

Rev. Thomas A. Momberg, Memphis

Rev. Andrew Ward, Nashville

Rev. Dr. Patricia J. Pickett, Ashland City

Rev. Laura Bogle, Knoxville

Pastors Larry and Carolyn Dipboye, Oak Ridge

Bishop Melvin G. Talbert, Nashville

Rev. Ken Carroll, Chattanooga

Rev. Wayne Cook, Chattanooga

Rev. Nelia J. Kimbrough and Rev. R. Calvin Kimbrough, Jr., Nashville

Rev. Carolyn Coleman, Nashville

Rev. Ann Walling, Nashville

Rev. Judi Hoffman, Nashville

Rev. Denise Gyauch, Nashville

Rev. Lisa Gwok, Nashville

Rev. Tim Stewart, Mt. Juliet

Rev. M. Franklin Dotts, Hermitage

Rev. Anne McClure, Nashville

Rev. Dr. Jonathan L. Jeffords, Memphis

Rev. Nicole Krewson, Knoxville

Rev. Eric S. Greenwood, Jr., Nashville

Rev. Jametta Alston, Knoxville

Rev. Brandon Berg, Bristol

Rev. Michael Williams, Nashville

Rev. Michael Castellaw-Vaughn, Nashville

Rev. Dr. Diana L. Hynson, Nashville

Rev. Dr. Birgitte French, Memphis

Fr. Valentine Handwerker, Memphis

Community Minister Edith A. Love, Memphis

Rev. Ken Edwards, Old Hickory

Rev. Sandy Shawhan, Nashville

Rev. Katie Woodard, Clarksville

Rev. Viki Matson, Nashville

Rev. Anne McKee, Maryville

Rev. John Tirro, Knoxville

Rev. Mark C. Pafford, Smithville

Rev. Alaina Cobb, Chattanooga

Rev. Shelby Slowey, Nashville

Rev. Heather Harriss, Nashville

Rev. Nancy Speas Hill, Franklin

Rev. Floridia Jackson, Memphis

Rev. Susan Groseclose, Nashville

Rev. Paul R. Purdue, Nashville

Rev. Elaine Blanchard, Memphis

Rev. Lucy A. Waechter, Memphis

Rev. John Feldhacker, Nashville

Rev. Ingrid McIntyre, Nashville

Rev. Rebekah Gienapp, Memphis

Rev. William Stooksbury, Nashville

Rev. Dr. Bindy Snyder, Memphis

Rev. Vern Denney, Nashville

Rev. Dr. Matthew L. Kelley, Franklin

Rev. Holly Mueller, Nashville

Rev. Sara K. Corum, Memphis

Rev. Josh McClurkan, Memphis





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  • Vernon Denney
    commented 2018-03-21 12:46:03 -0500
    I stand with my clergy sisters and brothers.
    Rev Vern Denney, Nashville
  • Ingrid McIntyre
    commented 2018-03-14 12:05:24 -0500
    Rev. Ingrid McIntyre, Nashville
  • Heather Harriss
    commented 2018-03-12 16:23:57 -0500
    Rev. Heather Harriss, Nashville
  • Katie Stubblefield Woodard
    commented 2018-03-11 19:15:37 -0500
    Rev. Katie Woodard, Clarksville
  • Rev. Dr. Birgitte French
    commented 2018-03-10 16:56:37 -0600
    Rev. Dr. Birgitte French, Memphis
  • Nicole Krewson
    commented 2018-03-10 12:57:58 -0600
    Rev. Nicole Krewson, Knoxville
  • Jo Alston
    commented 2018-03-10 12:41:38 -0600
    Rev. Jametta Alston, Knoxville
  • Johnny Jeffords
    commented 2018-03-10 09:37:01 -0600
    Rev’d Dr. Jonathan L. Jeffords, Memphis
  • Blue Bayer
    followed this page 2018-03-09 18:29:29 -0600
  • Andrew Ward
    commented 2018-03-08 21:31:22 -0600
  • Andrew Ward
    commented 2018-03-08 21:29:44 -0600
    Rev Andrew B Ward
  • Rj Powell
    commented 2018-03-08 14:54:38 -0600
    The Rev. RJ Powell, Knoxville

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