Tennessee Attorney General's actions affecting LGBTQ rights

This post simply seeks to list the actions taken by the Tennessee Attorney General's Office since September 1, 2022 using his own press releases. The items below use the wording of the title connected to the press release and do not reflect the views or the interpretation of the Tennessee Equality Project.

September 12, 2022: AG Skrmetti Leads State AG Response to U.S. Department of Education's Proposed Regulations; Redefinition of "Sex"

October 3, 2022: TN Attorney General's Office Leads 20 State Coalition in Filing Comment on Proposed HHS Regulation

October 12, 2022: AG Skrmetti Leads Thirteen State Coalition Demanding U.S. Department of Justice Respect Free Speech Rights of Critics of Irreversible Pediatric Transgender Procedures

January 26, 2023: TN Attorney General's Office Responds to Federal Government Appeal of Preliminary Injunction of Title IX Overreach

February 15, 2023:  TN AG Skrmetti Joins Multistate Coalition in Support of Florida Law Preserving Girls' Sports Teams for Biological Females

March 1, 2023:  AG Skrmetti Joins Amicus Brief Urging Sixth Circuit to Protect Religious Liberty Rights, Free Speech of Louisville Wedding Photographer

March 16, 2023:  TN Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti Joins Amicus Brief Filed with U.S. Supreme Court in Support of Fairness in Women's Sports

May 31, 2023:  TN AG Skrmetti Joins Multistate Brief in Lawsuit against Florida School District Undermining Parental Rights

June 21, 2023:  Tennessee Attorney General's Office Provides Statement Regarding VUMC Investigation

June 30, 2023:  TN AG Skrmetti Appeals the District Court Decision in Friends of George, Inc. v. Mulroy

June 30, 2023:  TN AG Skrmetti Files Motion for Emergency Stay of the Injunction in L.W., et al. v. Skrmetti, et al.

July 8, 2023:  Tennessee Attorney General Responds to Sixth Circuit's Decision in L.W. v. Skrmetti

September 28, 2023:  Tennessee Attorney General Responds to Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Decision in L.W. v. Skrmetti

November 2, 2023:  TN AG Leads Coalition in Criticizing EEOC's Proposed Enforcement Guidance on Workplace Harassment

November 29, 2023:  Tennessee Leads Fight against HHS' Foster Care Placement Rule that Would Violate Law and Potentially Harm Children

March 11, 2024:  TN AG Skrmetti Issues Statement Raising Concerns Over Maine's Proposed Legislative Assault on Federalism

April 29, 2024:  Media Advisory:  AG Skrmetti to Hold Press Conference Tomorrow on Tennessee's Fight to Defend Title IX

April 30, 2024:  Tennessee Leads Fight to Preserve Title IX, Student Privacy, and Fairness for Women in Education

May 13, 2024:  TN AG Skrmetti Leads 18 States in Lawsuit against Federal Agency's Unlawful Attempt to Control Private Businesses





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