Take preemptive action against 2 federal attacks on equality

It appears the attacks on equality are coming soon at the federal level.  We need you to speak out this week to defend equality before protections are taken away.  Given the speed at which the new Administration works, preemptive action now is wise.

1.  EEOC.  Word came last week that the EEOC may pull back from a job discrimination case filed by a transgender woman.  Contact the EEOC at [email protected] and urge the commissioners to continue pursuing cases of LGBT job discrimination.  Sign our petition here.  If it reaches 1000 signatures, we will deliver it to the Nashville EEOC office.

2. Turning a non-discrimination executive order into a pro-discrimination executive order.  Former President Obama issued an executive order banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity by federal contractors.  Reports indicate that the current President is considering an executive order that would allow religious-based discrimination in many areas and it would also undo the existing contractor non-discrimination executive order.

UPDATE:  On Monday night, The New York Times is reporting that the Obama executive order protecting LGBT works will remain.  But there could still be an executive order allowing religious-based discrimination against LGBT people.  See the piece here.  So we should still contact the President.

If you are on Twitter, consider sending a Tweet like this:  @POTUS @realDonaldTrump : I oppose #LGBTQ #discrimination in executive orders.

You can use this form to contact the White House with the same message.  Note:  Because of the new "splash" page on the White House site, you may have to hunt for the contact form.  It can be found under the "PARTICIPATE" tab.

*For Tennessee residents, there is a survey on sexual orientation discrimination issues being conducted by a graduate student.  If you would like to participate, click here.
Thanks for all you do to advance equality.

Chris Sanders

Executive Director

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