TAKE ACTION: Contact legislative committees to defend UT against Family Action attacks

BackgroundWe recently told you in this blog post about all the horrible media distortions of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville's efforts to encourage the campus to learn about gender neutral pronouns to make the community more welcoming for transgender and gender-non-conforming people.  Now Family Action of Tennessee is urging its members to contact state legislators to get them to "neuter" UT's program.  This offensive, violent image that likens transgender people to pets is how the organization is trying to get the Legislature to interfere in UT's programming. 

FIGHT BACK:  Use this petition to generate emails to the State Senate Education Committee and to the State House Education Administration and Planning Committee so that they will have accurate information and so that they know you want UT to make its own decisions about programming to make transgender and gender non-conforming people welcome!  You can find the petition at this link

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  • Kandi
    commented 2015-09-01 20:19:00 -0500
    It is extremely important to let the University’s make diversity choices built around the needs and faculty and students, without interference or persecution of the state, as long as those choices are not harming anyone, or break any federal or state laws. Each campus experience is different, The University, The student governing body, and The Diversity program should be allowed to work together to find a solution that makes their campus experience welcoming to all.

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