Summer of Love Letter 4: Allies come out in Dickson

While it's important to remind the public that LGBT people are everywhere, allies are, too.  And they certainly came out in force in Dickson today at our latest Summer of Love tour stop. 

Of the 15 adults present, 12 were allies.  Some brought their children.  I tried not to let it show, but it was emotional for me because it was yet another reminder that we're not alone in the struggle for full equality in Tennessee.  The more we reach out, the more I think we'll find a welcoming hand.

Resources for youth:  We spent a lot of time talking about how allies can help.  And as we discussed the problem of LGBT young adults being kicked out of their homes by families that refuse to accept them, it became clear that we could identify homes where they could stay.  And it occurred to me that if we had the time, we could probably do that in every county in Tennessee.  Imagine that!  A network for rejected rural LGBT youth. 

Safe spaces:  We also talked about safe after-school spaces for teens and identified programs that might be a fit.  And when we talked about Tennessee Open For Business, which is really a safe space program for LGBT people seeking to work or do business, the group lit up.  They took program window clings and began rattling off the names of businesses that might participate.

Tennessee Equality Project is grateful to Bob Kucher and Pacer Harp for hosting the event and we are pleased that group is planning to meet next month.  We think that they will bring lasting change to the Dickson area. 

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