Redundant mini-RFRA on notice next week in House Civil Justice Subcommittee

And it never ends. 

A mini-RFRA is on notice for the House Civil Justice Subcommittee on March 23.  HB2375 by Rep. Holt says that clergy can't be required to marry someone if marrying that someone violates their religious beliefs.  It adds that facilities controlled by a religious organization can't be forced to participate or be used for a wedding that conflicts with a sincerely held religious belief.  Refusal of services can't be punished with a civil action or criminal charges or any other state sanction.

The bill seems pretty redundant given the First Amendment to the Constitution. 

Also on notice in the same subcommittee for the same day is another bill by Rep. Holt, is HB2508, which is a marriage caption bill.  We'll see whether he runs it and what he fills it in with. 

Stay alert for updates.



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