Quick Timeline for Anti-Drag Legislation in Tennessee

If you have wondered what has been going on with the anti-drag legislation signed into law in 2023 in Tennessee, this quick timeline may help you get your bearings. This timeline is not and should be construed as legal advice. If you have questions that have an impact on a performance you are planning, consult an attorney. While the case is pending before the Court of Appeals, different law enforcement agencies and different district attorneys around the State may have differing interpretations of the scope and enforcement of the law.

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November 9, 2022:  SB3 filed by Senator Jack Johnson.

December 7, 2022:  HB9 filed by Representative Chris Todd.

February 23, 2023:  Drag restriction bill passes the House.

March 2, 2023:  Drag restriction bill passes the Senate.

March 2, 2023:  Drag restriction bill signed by the Governor with an April 1 effective date.

March 27, 2023:  Friends of George’s in Memphis file suit in federal district court against the State over the new law.

March 31, 2023:  Federal judge in Memphis temporarily halts enforcement of SB3/HB9.

June 3, 2023:  Federal judge in Memphis rules the law is unconstitutional and enjoins enforcement in Shelby County.

June 5, 2023:  Tennessee Attorney General says the law remains in effect in Tennessee’s other 94 counties.

June 30, 2023:  Tennessee Attorney General appeals the federal district court decision.

August 30, 2023:  Blount Pride and the ACLU of TN sue to prevent enforcement of the anti-drag law.

September 1, 2023:  Federal judge blocks enforcement of the anti-drag law against Blount Pride.

November 16, 2023:  U.S. Supreme Court declines an effort by the State of Florida to reinstate enforcement of its anti-drag law.

February 1, 2024:  Parties make arguments in the TN case before the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. “No timetable was issued for a ruling on the case.”  You can listen to the arguments at this link.

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