Our opposition is refighting the Civil War

The Family Action Council, the organization lobbying for the counseling discrimination and the anti-transgender student bathroom bill, is drawing parallels to the Civil War.  It's stunning really.

Consider this passage in their April 1 post: 

I don’t know how this new “war” will be resolved, but I don’t think it will have to be resolved in the same was as the earlier one. I could be wrong, but I sense there are a lot of people down South who would not mind if the liberals from up North and out West took the advice of their governors and Hollywood moguls, respectively, and decided to stay where they are. The ones among them who want to live in a place that has enough common sense to keep men out of women’s restrooms will just keep migrating to the South.

Now we know why they're fighting so hard against us.  They are trying to preserve a South that never was, a South without LGBT people or those who support us.  Who even says things like "stay where they are" these days?

There is another South that you and I know.  It's a South where mothers testify at Legislative Plaza for their transgender children and transgender students themselves tell legislators about their lives.  It's a South where same-sex couples are at last able to protect themselves and their children through marriage.  It's a South where clergy are beginning to speak out against hate, where they are resisting the use of religion to keep others down.

I'll take that South and I know you will, too.  It will take work to build it as the hateful structures continue to tumble down. 

Win or lose this week in the Legislature, we are going to prevail because love wins.  Help us move the message of love and acceptance at this link with your support.

Chris Sanders

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