Legislative Update: Yesterday's action and #TnHateWeek continues

Yesterday the House Health Subcommittee recommended passage of HB1840, the Counseling Discrimination bill, with another amendment.  This one differs from the Senate amendments.  It substitutes "principles" for "religious beliefs."  It's bad that the bill is advancing.  But if it must advance, it is good that it got amended in a way that differs from the Senate version of the bill that passed recently.  To become law, Senate and House versions have to be identical.

We got more time on HB2414, the anti-transgender student bathroom bill yesterday when the House Education Administration and Planning Subcommittee couldn't get to it.  If they had, it probably would have passed. 

#TnHate week continues today with SB1912, a bill to take funding away from UT-Knoxville diversity efforts and divert them to putting "In God We Trust" on law enforcement vehicles. 


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