Go Time! Anti-LGBTQ bills moving March 16-18

Update:  The Legislature will go into recess soon due to concerns about COVID-19.  They will deal with items related to the budget this week and then take a recess.  Anti-LGBTQ bills will be laid aside for the time being, but THEY ARE NOT DEAD.  We will continue to monitor the Legislature's timetable and movement of key pieces of legislation.  At the end of the recess, the Legislature can take up the same bills again.  We are grateful for all your work.

Anti-LGBTQ bills are still moving in the Tennessee General Assembly. Take action now on these three campaigns that are NEW as of March 13.  Details about the bills come after the campaigns.

Note:  The Cordell Building is closed to the public starting March 16 until further notice.

The three big campaigns:

*Take action on the anti-transgender student athlete bill moving in both Senate and House committees.

*Take action on the bill that would freeze in place standards of care for transgender youth that is moving in House and Senate committees.

*Take action on the two anti-marriage equality bills up for a vote in a House subcommittee.

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Schedule for the week:

Monday, March 16

1:30    Senate Education Committee takes up SB1736 (Hensley), an anti-transgender student athlete bill.  Senate Hearing Room 1.

*TEP video on the bill:  https://www.facebook.com/TennesseeEqualityProject/videos/195790828169623/ 

Tuesday, March 17

9:00    The House Public Health Subcommittee takes up HB2827 (Terry) that would freeze health care standards for transgender youth.  The time is actually immediately after the Health Committee, which meets at 8:00. House Hearing Room 3.

Noon    The House Criminal Justice Subcommittee takes up HB2576 (Ragan) that prevents transgender youth from accessing best practice health care.  House Hearing Room 3.  

*The Senate companion bill is not yet moving.  We have already done campaigns on this bill and it is possible that the Legislature’s focus is becoming HB2827 by Rep. Terry.

4:30    The House K-12 Subcommittee takes up HB1572 (Griffey), one of the anti-transgender student athlete bills.  House Hearing Room 3.

*The Senate companion bill is not yet moving.  The most likely scenario is that the Legislature is focusing on HB1689 by Rep. Cepicky, so there will be no campaigns on this bill until further notice.  We have already done campaigns on this bill.

Wednesday, March 18

8:00    The House Education Committee takes up HB1689 (Cepicky), an anti-transgender student athlete bill.  House Hearing Room 1.

8:30    Senate Government Operations likely takes up SB2233 (Haile) that freezes health care standards for transgender youth.  Senate Hearing Room 1.  

*The bill is still not officially on the calendar for this committee as of Midnight on March 13.

2:00    The House Children and Families Subcommittee takes up two anti-marriage equality bills, HB2410 (Ragan)  and HB2310 (Leatherwood). House Hearing Room 2.

*The Senate companion bills are not yet moving, but since this is the first time the House bills have been put on notice, we are doing campaigns just in case one gets through a House committee and triggers movement in the Senate committee system.  The campaigns are in the top section of the post.

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