February Calendar: Love vs. the Slate of Hate

Love goes head to head with the Slate of Hate in February.  Get involved at these events:

February 1 in Murfreesboro:  TEP speaking about state legislation at the TFDW meeting

February 2 in Nashville:  Voter Registration Drive at The Lipstick Lounge

February 3 Statewide:  Last day to register to vote if you want to vote in the March 3 Election

February 4 in Nashville:  Advancing Equality Days on the Hill- Part 1

February 5 in Knoxville:  Coffee + Advocacy

February 6 in Dickson:  Advocacy 101

February 11 in Clarksville:  Legislative Update

February 12 Statewide:  First Day of Early Voting.  Click the link to find a map to locate information from your county election commission on times and locations.

February 15 in Knoxville:  The Love Bazaar

February 16 in Memphis:  TEP Gumbo Contest

February 17 in Morristown:  TEP Lakeway Area monthly meeting

February 22 in Murfreesboro:  Biscuits and Ballots: Early Voting in Murfreesboro

And remember that February is Black History Month. Explore the Tennessee LGBTQ and ally connections to Black History Month at this link.

If you would like to volunteer, contact Jeremiah Dameron at [email protected].

To make a contribution to support our work, go to this link.

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