Contact Governor Lee as dangerous anti-trans bills head to his desk

As of May 18, Governor Lee has now signed all three of these anti-trans bills, in addition to his earlier signing of the anti-trans student athlete bill and the bill that allows parents to opt their children out of sexual orientation/gender identity curriculum in public schools.

HB1233 is an anti-transgender student bathroom bill that offers trans students separate and unequal accommodations in our public schools. Tennessee could be the only state this year to enact a bathroom bill this year. (signed into law)

HB1182 is the anti-transgender bathroom sign mandate bill that applies to businesses and organizations that have a trans-inclusive policy for multi-person restrooms. The bill requires them to put up a demeaning sign about biological sex. It could lead to increased policing of trans people in restrooms and aggression towards trans-inclusive businesses. (signed into law)

SB126 is a bill that puts into the Tennessee Code standards for gender-affirming care for trans youth. Why is that a bad idea? It is discriminatory because we don’t normally put standards of care into the law and if the standard of care changes based on research, we shouldn’t have to amend the law. It could also invite more restrictive amendments in future legislative sessions. (signed into law)

Contact Governor Lee today at 615-741-2001 and let him know your views on anti-transgender legislation.

Email Option:  You can also send him an email through his contact form at .


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  • Iknow Whichbathroomtouse
    commented 2021-07-27 01:09:00 -0500
    Bravo Governor Lee great work sir on behalf of us that know which bathroom to use
  • Anna Banick
    commented 2021-05-20 21:38:54 -0500
    This is absolutely disgusting and incredibly dehumanizing towards transgender people. Transgender people are people and deserve to be treated with the same respect that cisgender people are treated with. They deserve to be authentically themselves and deserve to be comfortable in public places. So congratulations for causing more harm than good. If inclusivity makes you uncomfortable, then you are disgusting. SHAME ON YOU. Trans rights are human rights.
  • Lee William
    commented 2021-05-20 13:08:27 -0500
    This is causing more problems and is completely dehumanizing trans people. They have done nothing wrong. My family is moving to Tennessee this year and I am a 14yr lesbian and this makes me sick to my stomach and makes me fear for my own life and my fellow trans people. This is disgusting and need to be fixed immediately.
  • Ross Halkett
    commented 2021-05-20 12:44:01 -0500
    This is absolutely awful. These bills are completely de humanising transgender people. It’s extremely harmful. Trans people are still human beings and deserve to be treated the same as cisgender people. They aren’t a pet or an object. They are people. Human beings. Who deserve have the freedom to be them self. Feel comfortable for doing the simplest things like going to a public bathroom. But no. These bill are making things worse and they don’t help anything. we are FAR from equality trans rights. Are human right.
  • Robert Hampton
    commented 2021-05-20 03:14:21 -0500
    the bill does nothing relating to the real issues in the world right now and only creates more. the fact that someone being comfortable in their own body makes you so uncomfortable you make it illegal is abhorrent. you’re not only a coward but you do not stand for all of tennessee just the people you see as human. we are all equal are we not? if so give us ALL the same rights that everyone else has to use their genders bathroom. trans people aren’t the issue, people like you are.
  • Hayden Fields
    commented 2021-05-20 00:12:21 -0500
    This bill does nothing but harm transgender people, veto the bill, it’s the only humane thing to do. They deserve to be treated equally to a cis person, them being trans doesn’t effect anyone.
  • Salem ! RT Pinned
    commented 2021-05-19 21:36:51 -0500
    Trans people deserve the same rights as a cisgender would. Vetoing these bills is only morally right thing to do. The bills represent small minded individuals who only care about the suffering of other.
  • Paul Wager
    commented 2021-05-18 17:11:36 -0500
    These bills are dangerous for Trans People. They aren’t doing a damn thing to others. They are just working on making themselves happy! These bills will endanger trans people. Veto them!

  • Lisa Friedman
    commented 2021-05-13 06:27:35 -0500
    Veto these bills. They represent the worst of the worst views of some bigoted, small-minded Tennesseans. We are better than that.
  • Isaac Burch
    commented 2021-05-06 08:25:03 -0500
    Trans people in Tennessee deserve equality and access just like everyone one else. They also deserve respect. VETO THESE BILLS!!! PLEASE!!!!
  • Magesty Skiffer
    commented 2021-05-06 02:50:12 -0500
    Trans are humans too. They deserve rights and respect!!
  • Evelyn Villalobos
    commented 2021-05-05 15:59:18 -0500
  • Jesús Reyes
    commented 2021-05-05 13:52:15 -0500
    Trans people deserve all the respect and rights for the simple reason of them being humans. Please, veto this hateful bills.
  • Matilde Rodríguez
    commented 2021-05-05 12:15:02 -0500
    Trans people deserves right and respect just like all people.
  • Matilde Rodríguez
    commented 2021-05-05 12:14:55 -0500
    Trans people deserves right and respect just like all people.
  • Mariam Khvibliani
    commented 2021-05-05 10:41:51 -0500
    Veto this bills! Like everyone, trans people deserve every right and respect
  • Sandra Bozovic
    commented 2021-05-05 09:47:50 -0500
    Like everyone, trans people deserve every right and respect, not transphobia all over social media. They are people, not monsters. VETO THESE BILLS!
  • sophia bell
    commented 2021-05-05 09:41:07 -0500
    this is extremely dehumanizing and completely not okay, veto these bills, trans people deserve rights as much as anyone else
  • Sailor Moon
    commented 2021-05-05 09:23:38 -0500
    In regards to human rights, this is an incredibly harmful bill that would lead to further miscarriages of justice against the trans community. Trans people everywhere deserve the right to life, liberty, AND the pursuit of happiness. Veto these bills!
  • Melek Celik
    commented 2021-05-05 09:21:29 -0500
    trans people are humans it is not that difficult to understand that people who are trans feel so much more comfortable and everybody should accept that!
  • Elaine Mendoza
    commented 2021-05-05 08:24:49 -0500
    Veto these bills! Transgender people deserve equality, respect, love and safe environment!
  • Svetlana Siplyva
    commented 2021-05-05 07:22:00 -0500
    we are all worthy of respect and love!!!
  • Andy Walker
    commented 2021-05-05 07:07:17 -0500
    We are all human. Transgender people are human.
    YOU take away their HUMAN rights then YOU are the monster here.
  • Victoria Sinnott
    commented 2021-05-05 06:55:07 -0500
    Trans rights are human rights! Veto these bills!
  • Nourhan Hesham
    commented 2021-05-05 03:25:50 -0500
    They deserve better !!! Veto these bills !!!
  • Ida Vikander
    commented 2021-05-05 03:08:05 -0500
    Trans rights are human rights!!! Veto these bills!!!
  • Sophie Bernhard
    commented 2021-05-05 02:17:11 -0500
    Veto these bills!
    The basis of the logic of coexistence is the recognition of the full equality of all human beings
    -Alfred Adler
  • Kaity M
    commented 2021-05-04 23:32:03 -0500
    VETO these ridiculous “bills” ! They are demeaning and harmful to transgender people and especially our transgender youth. Do better and make the best decision and VETO these unfair and embarrassing bills!
  • Alyssa Gill
    commented 2021-05-04 22:37:50 -0500
  • Cytlaly Coronado
    commented 2021-05-04 22:33:42 -0500

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