Confront Transphobia at 102.1 in Knoxville

Jack, a transgender man, contacted the TEP Knox, Anderson, and Blount Counties Committee today to report transphobia on the Star 102.1 program known as the "Marc and Kim Show with Tyrone on the Phone."  The hosts were discussing Caitlyn Jenner's transition disrespectfully and not using the correct pronouns. 

As Jack notes in his letter to the station:  "Marc may think it's funny to be ignorant and say things that are insensitive but I don't think he realizes how many people he hurts by saying things like he did about Caitlyn.  Even the refusal to use Ms. Jenner's preferred pronouns was the epitome of disrespectful."

Contact the station at this link.  Urge them to apologize and to respect transgender people. 

You can contact them on Facebook at this link.

You can contact them on Twitter at this link.


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