Challenge Discrimination

On the anniversary of historic Supreme Court marriage equality rulings and in the face of a massive reaction against LGBTQ people, we ask you to join us to CHALLENGE DISCRIMINATION.

We need you:  Below we discuss the threatening legislation that is coming and the opportunities to advance good legislation in Tennessee.  To move forward we need you!

*If you haven't done so, tell us your two state legislative districts at this link.

*Consider a small monthly donation to support our legislative work.

*Consider a one-time donation to assist with your Pride outreach throughout the state to bring new people into the work.

Negative Legislation awaits us:  When the Tennessee General Assembly returns in January, waiting for us is the Business License to Discriminate bill and the Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act and possibly legislation that attacks LGBTQ parents.  We can also expect more attacks on transgender and gender non-conforming people. 

We will CHALLENGE DISCRIMINATION:  We are developing new teams in key conservative districts to fight back against these bills, but we believe that to be successful in turning the conversation we must advance positive legislation.  It will not be easy to pass a positive bill in Tennessee, but we need to move the marker and fight to get some good bills out of committee as we have done in the past.

The Legislative Agenda:  Among the items that are at the top of our legislative agenda for 2018 are the following:

*Work with TTPC to advance the transgender-inclusive penalty enhancement to Tennessee's hate crimes law because right now the federal hate crimes law does not adequately deal with anti-trans vandalism and the state hate crimes law does not include gender identity or expression.

*Repeal 2011's HB600 because Tennessee's cities and counties should be able to protect their residents from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. 

*Advance the Dignity for All Students Act.  Every student in Tennessee's public schools deserves to be protected from bullying and discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and other relevant factors.  We almost succeeded in getting this bill out of committee a few years ago, and it's time to try again!

Building up district teams:  The most important thing we can do to fight discriminatory bills and advance the good ones is to build our strength in every part of the state.  We will resume regional committee meetings around the state starting in July, so look for updates on those.  But, again, we really need to have YOUR name, email, and state legislative districts at this form.

Are you ready to take the battle in Tennessee to the far Right?  I am, but we can't do it without you.


Chris Sanders

Executive Director


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