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    Just made a donation to Tennessee Equality Project

    Monthly Support of Tennessee Equality Project. Make sure you want to donate MONTHLY before proceeding with this link.

    Governor.jpgAs a monthly supporter of Tennessee Equality Project, your contribution funds the advancement of policies through direct and grass roots lobbying which protect the rights of LGBT people and their families here at home in Tennessee. Contributions to TEP (a 501(c)(4) organization) are not tax deductible.

    If you prefer to make a ONE-TIME donation to Tennessee Equality Project, click here.  

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    Other Giving Options

    Some supporters prefer to write a check or make monthly donations to Tennessee Equality Project through automatic bank drafts. Consider creating “Tennessee Equality Project” as a regular payee with your bank’s online service.

    Checks and automated bank drafts may be mailed to the following address:

    Tennessee Equality Project | P.O. Box 330875 | Nashville, TN 37203 

    Thank you for supporting Tennessee Equality Project.


  • Urge Senators Alexander and Corker to speak up for LGBTQ people when the next Supreme Court justice is appointed

    Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring so the President will name a successor who must be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.  Sign to urge Senator Alexander and Senator Corker to speak up for the LGBTQ community during the confirmation process.  TEP will deliver a hard copy of the signatures to their offices.

    1,070 signatures

    Senator Alexander and Senator Corker:

    When the President announces his choice to replace Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, we urge you to speak up for the rights of LGBTQ people.  It is vitally important that members of the Supreme Court support the principle of "equal protection" and that Justice Kennedy's successor uphold the existing rights of LGBTQ people and oppose discrimination against LGBTQ people.  We respectfully ask you to raise these concerns publicly and not to vote for any nominee who supports discrimination.

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    (615) 741-2001
    (615) 741-2001

    Working for the equality of LGBTQ people in Tennessee

    How to support our work

    Take action on LGBTQ bills moving the week of March 26 with the campaigns at the link.

    CONTACT INFORMATION:  Contact us at [email protected] . Unfortunately TEP does not have adequate time and resources to handle research requests.  Note:  We do not provide social services and cannot give you legal advice.  We may be able to make a referral in those cases.

    We are not currently seeking new or additional projects. Existing state legislative organizing and advocacy occupy our time.

    MEDIA CONTACT: Send a message at [email protected] We see media email messages quickly and will get back to you as soon as we can.  Chris Sanders, our executive director, will speak with you. Your request should be for interviews with TEP staff or volunteers. Requests for searches for people who fit your story may take longer or not be possible.

    What does TEP do?  The Tennessee Equality Project advocates for the equal rights of LGBTQ people in Tennessee.  We do this through legislative advocacy.  That means we lobby the Tennessee General Assembly and local governments around the state.  When there is an important federal issue, like anti-LGBTQ adoption issue language in legislation, we help you make your voice heard with your federal officials.

    What does the TEP Foundation do? The TEP Foundation provides a variety of educational and organizing programming.  We have registered 364 voters online since October. 2017.  We provide workshops called Advocacy 101 across the state so that more people can engage their elected officials.  We monitor and analyze state legislation related to the LGBTQ community.  We gather stories about the impact of state preemption of local government and provide public education on the issue.  We hold Boro Pride in Murfreesboro annually.  Our Tennessee Open For Business program recognizes companies that do not discriminate against their employees or customers on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

    You can support the TEP Foundation when you shop at Amazon.  Simply go to our Amazon Smile link and make your purchases.  0.5% of your eligible purchase amount helps advance equality in Tennessee.

    We are a member of the Equality Federation.







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    I am making my call and email now. I’ll share this far and wide. The time to defeat these discriminatory bills is before they even start. Thank you for the information and making it easy to take action. Creative Director, Board member CHOICES, Memphis Center for Reproductive Health. Cool rockin' feminist.
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