CharlesandJennifer Nickerson

  • commented on Contact Governor Lee as dangerous anti-trans bills head to his desk 2021-05-04 18:18:26 -0500
    First it’s anti-trans and then anti-race, anti-religion when will this stop? Where is equality in these laws. How many medical doctors who work with transgenders were consulted before passing these bills? My son did not choose to have gender dysmorphia he was born this way. Children who are different use to be locked away and neglected by their parents. This would now be considered child abuse. These laws are essentially demanding that parents of transkids neglect our kids and lock them away and are stating this is not child abuse?!?!?! What is so wrong with a parent wanting their child to live their best life by allowing an implant which gives them the mental self esteem they need to wake up in the morning and live. Parents who’s kids were born what is deemed “normal” are allowed to gift their kids boob jobs, nose jobs, and other cosmetic procedures as young as age 15. I’m a trans-parent, fighting for equality for All people! If you choose not to veto these bills, I will remind you of the life my son could have had. He just wants acceptance. We have lived through this life of mental health and depression with him. Getting him the proper healthcare he deserved changed his life. I implore you to veto these bills for sake of lives that are in your hands.

    Trans-parent to Charlie a boy who’s only choice was to be himself.
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