Team Results for the 2018 TEP Gumbo Contest


Regardless of their final scores in the TEP Gumbo Contest, all of the gumbo teams who entered the competition are winners for equality in the eyes of Tennessee Equality Project. We deeply appreciate each team for dedicating their weekend to the competition and supporting the event. The winners of the 2018 TEP Gumbo Contest are:

Judge's Choice Awards:

  • First Place: Rouxing on the River
  • Second Place: The Pumping Station
  • Thirds Place: Me and Eddie

People's Choice Awards:

  • First Place: Roux-thless Dames
  • Second Place: The Gumbros
  • Third Place: Trouxth and Consequences

Best Vegetarian/Vegan: Lulu's Baked

Gumbo Team Spirit: Trouxth and Consequences

VIP Table Spirit: First Tennessee

The final scores for the Judge's and People's Choice competitions appear below:

No. Team Name Team Leader Team Members Judge's People's
1 One Gumbo To Roux Them All Mark Jordan   58 7
2 Trouxth & Consequences Laura Goodman-Bryan Rebecca Paulk, Susan Moskop, Jakatae Jessup 54 38
3 Outer Galactic Extravagenza Kim Lloyd Bob Lloyd and Jim Burkhead 74 20
4 Rouxing on The River Melody A Bourell Sarah Clyce and Jennifer Harris 99 33
5 Gumbo Friends V. Adrian Mehr Lin Turner, Juli Dennis, Blake Burr, Susan Penn, Glenn Altoff and more. 39 10
6 The Pumping Station Steve Murphy John Mullins, Ted Fosburgh, 96 19
7 Thomas Meat and Seafood (Withdrawn) Chris Hughes Bill Stegbauer    
8 The Gumbros Jason Houston Christy Tweddle, Pup Rivet, Curtis Davis Jr., Paul Linxwiler 79 42
9 UnRouxLy Stephanie Wilbanks Dana Wilbanks 59 8
10 The Magnolia Blossoms Hugh Busby   64 15
11 Hoist Men of Leather and Fetish Mark Keidaish Ken Briggs, Vincent Joshlin, Terron Cooper 74 23
12 Roux-thless Dames Leigh Chiles and Beth Halldorson Rebie Huffman, Leslie Yohey, Christy Brackey, April Veale 53 66
13 Me and Eddie Wendy McCrory Eddie, Chris, Daniel 82 7
14 LuLu's Baked Don Gaines Kenzie Campbell, Stephanie Crowdis 44 6
15 The Rouxistence by Collierville Democrats Tyson Saltwell Traci Saltwell, Sajeev Memula 57 19
16 Grub Krystal White Danial Johnson, Charles White 40 4
17 The High Rouxlers (Withdrawn) Christian Assandria      
18 Holiday Roux Daniel Honan   41 26

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