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    Tennessee Loves Target

    ellyahnnaTarget.jpgTarget's trans-inclusive policies are under attack in Tennessee.  A Mt Juliet pastor's rant went viral and this week at a Hendersonville Target, protesters shouted religious wrath at employees and customers.  But we know that Tennessee loves Target and it's time to show it!

    As former TEP Board member Ellyahnna Hall (pictured) notes:  

    "I support Target for trying to provide a safe space for all people. I'm a trans woman and I've faced the dangers of not having access to restrooms that corespond to my gender identity. If opponents are really concerned with safety then let's focus on tougher rape laws and enforcing those, not creating a fake danger that doesn't exist."

    Sign the petition statement and show Target some love.  We'll deliver hard copies of the petition to select Target locations in Tennessee.


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    Tennessee loves Target.  I support the company's transgender-inclusive policies and I will continue to shop at their stores.                                               



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  • signed Governor Haslam, Keep listening and oppose HB2414 via 2016-04-15 19:10:21 -0500
    HB2414 is abhorrent. By subjecting innocent people, the victims in this situation, to scrutiny and ridicule because of a personal belief is unconstitutional. Whether they be man, woman, or somewhere in between, they are the victims here and they deserve justice. They deserve the peace of mind afforded to the rest of us. These are the same civil rights people have been fighting for, and will fight for, ad infinitum. The right to use the bathroom without being humiliated. It seems we are always trying to vilify someone and this has recently fallen on the transgender community. Please, don’t stand for a bill that does nothing but further someone’s religious beliefs while taking away the rights of US citizens. Lest we forget, part of being American is the right to decide what you believe, to live by your values. If we allow this to pass into law, we are condoning individual interpretations of the constitution. Remember:

    We are supposed to have inalienable rights. Among those rights, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. HB2414 denies transgendered people these inalienable rights. Please, stand up for the people of Tennessee. Stand for our rights. Don’t these people deserve the same considerations as any other American CITIZEN? Thank you for your time and I hope you do the right thing.


    Governor Haslam, Keep listening and oppose HB2414













    Sign this NEW petition urging Governor Bill Haslam to keep listening to the voices opposed to the anti-transgender student bathroom bill!

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    Governor Haslam, please continue to oppose HB2414 and listen to the voices of transgender students and the business community speaking out against the bill.  Thank you for considering our views.

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