Gary Davis

  • endorsed 2016-04-19 22:37:57 -0500

    Stop using religion to discriminate in Tennessee


    On April 18, 2016 about 30 pastors shamefully stood in Legislative Plaza and spoke in favor of the anti-transgender student bathroom bill.  And religion was used to advance the counseling discrimination bill.  Many more clergy across Tennessee publicly opposed both bills.

    Whether you're religious or not, aren't you tired of religion being used to support discrimination in our laws?  If so, endorse this statement:

    We oppose the use of religion to justify discrimination in Tennessee law.  To use religion to divide us in our public life violates the spirit of the U.S. and Tennessee Constitutions, does harm to the people of Tennessee, and brings scandal to religion.


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    I asked Governor Haslam to veto HB1840, the counseling discrimination bill














    Take a minute to contact Governor Bill Haslam by phone message or on Twitter and then let us know you did it using this form.  Let's get to 500 or more!

    I called or Tweeted Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and urged him to veto HB1840, the counseling discrimination bill.  I'm asking you to do the same this week.


  • signed Governor Haslam, Keep listening and oppose HB2414 2016-04-14 16:46:21 -0500
    This bill is pointless, it only serves to discriminate against LGBT citizens who are citizens, tax payers, and voters in this state. Also consider the fact that this affects ALL of us. Are we going to be quizzed as to our sexual orientation or IDed before using a public restroom? How ridiculous to think that any such law could be enforced. Please consider the financial cost to this state that such a bill would ultimately have. It could cost us up to 700 Million in education funding,and do a lot of damage to our tourism industry. Let’s not forget the potential loss of business investment in this state. I heard 60 companies have already came out against this bill.

    Thank you for your time Governor. Please keep listening to our voices of dissent and veto this ridiculously pointless bill.

    Governor Haslam, Keep listening and oppose HB2414













    Sign this NEW petition urging Governor Bill Haslam to keep listening to the voices opposed to the anti-transgender student bathroom bill!

    1,534 signatures

    Governor Haslam, please continue to oppose HB2414 and listen to the voices of transgender students and the business community speaking out against the bill.  Thank you for considering our views.

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