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    Just left a VM (hit 4 on weekends) citing the American Counseling Association Ethics code which was misinterpreted by a TN therapist testifying in committee. Said therapist spent decades helping IV drug users but does not want to serve LGBT clients as they violate his “sincerely held beliefs”. This is a clear violation of Ethics Code – including C2.a and C5

    I asked Governor Haslam to veto HB1840, the counseling discrimination bill














    Take a minute to contact Governor Bill Haslam by phone message or on Twitter and then let us know you did it using this form.  Let's get to 500 or more!

    I called or Tweeted Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and urged him to veto HB1840, the counseling discrimination bill.  I'm asking you to do the same this week.


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    As citizens our highest calling is to offer open, informed debate in the legislature that includes the testimony of top experts as much as possible. As a state we subsidize institutions of higher learning because we believe that research reflection and science are of the utmost importance. To allow leaders of one particular faith group to hold more sway than the testimonies of experts, than the real life stories of citizens – the ultimate experts— is an affront to the most basic tenets of our Republic.

    Stop using religion to discriminate in Tennessee


    On April 18, 2016 about 30 pastors shamefully stood in Legislative Plaza and spoke in favor of the anti-transgender student bathroom bill.  And religion was used to advance the counseling discrimination bill.  Many more clergy across Tennessee publicly opposed both bills.

    Whether you're religious or not, aren't you tired of religion being used to support discrimination in our laws?  If so, endorse this statement:

    We oppose the use of religion to justify discrimination in Tennessee law.  To use religion to divide us in our public life violates the spirit of the U.S. and Tennessee Constitutions, does harm to the people of Tennessee, and brings scandal to religion.


  • signed VETO Hate Bill 1840, the Counseling Discrimination bill 2016-04-12 16:59:38 -0500
    This bill is completely unnecessary.. The counselor testifying in committee claiming he MUST take all clients is dishonest. When we speak with a prospective client after ascertaining the client is not in crisis we are perfectly free to say “I don’t think I would be a good match for you but I am happy to give your three referrals of colleagues who might be.”

    Codifying the right to refuse based on “sincerely held principles” is a waste of time and money.

    VETO Hate Bill 1840, the Counseling Discrimination bill


    Please, add your voice and urge Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam to veto this discriminatory bill.

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    Dear Governor Haslam,

    We urge you to veto HB1840, which allows counselors to turn away clients based on the counselor's biases and values.  This bill puts the focus on the desires of counselors rather than on the needs of clients, damaging the counseling profession and putting clients at risk. 

    An anti-bullying amendment was stripped from the bill in the House Health Committee leaving youth vulnerable in areas where mental health services are not widely available.

    Thank you for considering our views.

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