Patricia Haney

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    I will actually make more of an effort to shop at Target because of their stance on inclusivity. I am a heterosexual woman with four children whom I am trying to teach to be kind and accepting. Thank you, Target, for being an example I can offer to my children.

    -Patricia Haney, age 46

    Murfreesboro, Tennessee

    Tennessee Loves Target

    ellyahnnaTarget.jpgTarget's trans-inclusive policies are under attack in Tennessee.  A Mt Juliet pastor's rant went viral and this week at a Hendersonville Target, protesters shouted religious wrath at employees and customers.  But we know that Tennessee loves Target and it's time to show it!

    As former TEP Board member Ellyahnna Hall (pictured) notes:  

    "I support Target for trying to provide a safe space for all people. I'm a trans woman and I've faced the dangers of not having access to restrooms that corespond to my gender identity. If opponents are really concerned with safety then let's focus on tougher rape laws and enforcing those, not creating a fake danger that doesn't exist."

    Sign the petition statement and show Target some love.  We'll deliver hard copies of the petition to select Target locations in Tennessee.


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    Tennessee loves Target.  I support the company's transgender-inclusive policies and I will continue to shop at their stores.                                               



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