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Tristan Van Memorial


This is a page for friends to remember and honor Tristan Van, a highly respected nurse, avid bicyclist, and a genuine friend with a smile that could instantly light up a room. He was our friend and coworker who served as the true definition of courage and strength. As the first transgender individual at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, he confidently took on the title and served as the brave face we would all look up to. His knowledge of medicine halted a room full of physicians, yet his quiet nature forced the smallest child to trust his motions and skill. We hold this donation to serve as an avenue to allow those struggling with internal battles to gain the confidence to live freely without judgment or condemnation. May Tristan's 47 years of life represent the power which each person can use to change the world, as he powerfully changed the patients he cared for, nurses he stood beside and friends he dearly cared for. Each dollar donated represents the love we have for Tristan and the legacy we wish to continue on in his name.

Donations are tax deductible and each donor receives a receipt by email.