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I am committed to providing excellent clinical resources and support without discrimination.

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    Outworking Discrimination takes all of us in Tennessee. I'm all in. Are you?

    Outworking Discrimination

    $2,000.00 raised
    GOAL: $2,000.00


    The forces of discrimination aren't just hanging on; they're actually working harder after marriage equality was won in all 50 states.  New attacks on transgender people, efforts to give counselors the ability to turn away LGBT people, increasingly hateful rhetoric from the religious Right, and more are just a few of the challenges.

    We can win by OUTWORKING DISCRIMINATION!  When you make a tax deductible contribution to this TEP Foundation campaign, we can invest in new, innovative efforts to engage the faith community including those in socially conservative denominations.  We can develop a business network in Tennessee that can be a counterbalancing voice when attacks come.  We can do more to shape a media message for equality. 

    YOU make it possible.  Put us to work.


Kaci Allen is an experiential therapist based in Nashville TN who works with Individuals, Couples and Families and is known Nationally for her work with Athletes and Artists.
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