Missy Gentry-Payne

  • commented on A closer look at bullying and suicide at Copper Basin High in Polk County 2017-01-10 00:56:33 -0600
    The Teachers and all Adults involved with the students need to attend Bullying classes. They constantly say they are tired of hearing that something is bullying, instead of attending to the problem. And if a child tries to get something done about it, then they are bullied by the teachers, SMH!!! There is teachers that even encourage it, turn their heads to it, go hide and laugh about it. I always say, “Can you live with your self if that child commits suicide and you was the reason, or you did do something about the reason?” NO my child wasn’t perfect, but what he went threw from some students & teachers is just simply wrong!!! teachers are suppose to love these children. There has been several children that I reached out to people that knew them well, to get them to check on them. I was scared they was going to be another victim.
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