Ways to fight back on April 29 + 30

Discriminatory bills are rapidly moving forward in Tennessee.  We have listed email campaigns and events where you can show up to help.

April 29:  The anti-transgender student bathroom bill is up in House Calendar and Rules and could be on the House floor soon.

-Use this campaign to contact your own member of the Tennessee House of Representatives to oppose the bill.

-Join us outside the House chamber in the Capitol at 3pm.  Wear RED, bring small signs opposing the bill.

April 30:  The amended indecent exposure bill, the adoption/foster care discrimination bill, and the anti-transgender student bathroom bill are on the Senate floor.

-Use this NEW campaign to contact your state senator to oppose all three bills.

-Join us in the Senate gallery at 8:00 a.m.  The floor session starts at 8:30.  Note:  The bills are late on the calendar.

*Do you own a small business and want to speak out?  If so, go to this link and add your company's name.

If you would like to support our work, you can make a contribution at this link.  Thank you for fighting so hard this legislative session.

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