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  • commented on Tennessee's 2019 Slate of Hate: Anti-LGBTQ bills in the General Assembly 2019-02-14 14:37:53 -0600
    As I have said before, I am straight; I was born that way. Thankfully, when I was first around LGBTQI persons, and asked questions, my mother always responded kindly, and with facts that were phrased so that I could understand them. The first answers were as simple as “People are alike/different in many ways. I am straight.

    I will always support equal rights, because I understand that is what our Constitutional Republic was founded on, and now exists to ensure for ALL. I will measure myself by, and choose my friends by the content of each our character.
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    I did not choose to be straight. From the time I was a toddler, I imagined myself wit a husband who was as handsome and outgoing as my Daddy. I simply recognized what I wanted, and who I was.

    That experience led me to be as supportive as I can be to persons whose gender identity and sexual orientation differ from my own. My reasoning and experience make me certain that most persons, truth be known, come to terms with who we are, what we feel inter in, or even lead to, careers, even lives, that reflect the total person we become!

    Be who you were born to be! You will find the support you want, need, and deserve from many people who see, accept, support, and love you! Keep the faith!

    Bebbie Minter
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    Sign the petition: NO to Adoption Discrimination in Congress

    NO to Adoption Discrimination in Congress

    A foster care and adoption license to discriminate measure was recently put into a health and human services funding bill in the House Appropriations Committee.

    The “Aderholt Amendment” allows foster care and adoption service providers across the country to discriminate against children and prospective parents based on sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, and marital status.

    We need your help to tell Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker:  NO ADOPTION DISCRIMINATION in the 2019 Appropriations bill!  We will deliver hard copies to their offices.

    1,051 signatures

    Dear Senators Alexander and Corker:

    We urge you to act to oppose the Aderholt amendment allowing discrimination in foster care and adoption services in the FY19 House Labor-HHS appropriations bill and ensure that the measure is NOT included in any Senate or final appropriations bill.

    It would allow taxpayer-funded foster care and adoption service providers to discriminate against children in care and against prospective parents, based on sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, and marital status.

    The measure breaks the cardinal rule of child welfare services: to act in the best interest of the child. This amendment would actually HARM CHILDREN.

    This amendment would greatly harm the 440,000 children in foster care, particularly the 117,000 who are waiting to be adopted into loving, forever homes.  There is a crisis in foster care due to the huge shortage of available families for children. Each year, over half the children waiting to be adopted do not find a loving home, and most devastatingly, over 17,000 foster youth age out of care without a forever family.  Those youth are at greater risk of involvement with the criminal justice system, homelessness, unemployment, and being trafficked.

    Speak out against this poison pill amendment,; let your leadership know you will not support a funding bill with the measure included, and vote against any appropriations measure that includes such discriminatory provisions.  Thank you for considering our views.

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    Sign the petition: LGBTQ open letter to our fellow Tennesseans

    LGBTQ open letter to our fellow Tennesseans

    666 signatures



    An open letter from Tennessee's LGBTQ community to our fellow Tennesseans


    As members of the LGBTQ community, we write to our fellow Tennesseans a month after the election and a month before the upcoming state legislative session.


    In recent weeks members of our community have experienced grave assaults on our safety and dignity.  A gay, gender nonconforming man was murdered.  A transgender woman’s car was burned. The signs and doors of a church that affirms our community have been vandalized.  A gay couple received a package with a knife sticking out and a message attached urging them to leave the state. 


    These attacks upon individuals and institutions have put our lives and safety at even greater risk than usual.  They contravene the welcoming traditions of hospitality for which Tennessee is known.  


    The time we have entered is critical.  Many are calling for healing in the wake of a divisive election. Healing is difficult while fresh wounds are being inflicted such as discriminatory state legislation.


    So we are speaking out for our safety, dignity, and equal rights under the law.


    Our struggle is not against your values, unless you value discrimination.  LGBTQ Tennesseans are your neighbors, your family members, your health care providers, firefighters, grocery clerks, teachers, elected officials, and we fill many other roles vital to the life of small towns and large cities.  Many of us grew up and continue to be active in the same faith communities as you.  


    In the long story of our community’s struggles, we have relied on our own strength to sustain us.  We have also experienced the joy of  working with countless allies.  Now is a time for allies to speak out with us and we  invite people of good will throughout the state to build a stronger, inclusive, welcoming Tennessee to meet our state’s common challenges together.

    If you share these values and priorities, we invite you to add your name to this letter.

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