Volunteer with us

Thank you for visiting us at BoroPride. If you would like to get involved, please consider these options.

Volunteer Locally: If you're interested in volunteering in Middle Tennessee, contact TEP Nashville Committee Co-Chair Brian Sullivan at [email protected]. We need volunteers for managing our tables at events, help with outreach, and gathering when issues come before state and local government.

Advancing Equality Day on the Hill: If you want to save the date for Advancing Equality Day on the Hill, go to this link. This is a day to spend time with your state legislators in Nashville and discuss bills that affect the LGBTQ community.

Balcony Brigade: We need more people to attend key legislative committee meetings and to be in the Senate and House galleries when important votes are taking place during the legislative session. Being present allows people to LEARN the process, WITNESS what is happening to our Democracy, and ENGAGE in deeper advocacy. If you would like to sign up, go to this link. For a quick video on the initiative, go to this link. This initiative offers many opportunities for partner organizations to co-host individual events in the Capitol or in the Cordell Hull Building. If your organization is interested, contact TEP Nashville Co-Chairs Dahron Johnson and Brian Sullivan at [email protected] and [email protected] or fill out the form linked above.

Media Engagement: News media outlets are frequently interested in talking to people affected by discriminatory state legislation. If you would like to be available to speak to the media, contact Brian Sullivan at [email protected] .

We are grateful for your support.


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