Visible (being): Guest post by Sherondia Sullivan

Sherondia Sullivan was scheduled to speak at the Nashville Marriage PLUS Rally in April, but a work conflict prevented it.

SherondiaSullivan.jpgWe are pleased to present her remarks on the Freedom to Be Visible here to inspire YOU to become more visible!  TEP is grateful to her for sharing her story.

My name is Sherondia Sullivan and for a long time I was different. I mean really different. I was not visible to myself or to those around me. When I was 26 I came out. I started to notice that it wasn't just my color or gender but my willingness to see who I really am. I identify as bisexual. It's made me a happier person. To know that I can marry a man and feel right but if I want to marry the woman I love that we would be denied. I want to be visible to marry whomever I choose. I read a quote that said: You Don't Fit In Because You Where Born To STAND OUT!'Emonie Whitley'


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