Tennessee's selective flag ban bill and Saturday's Nazi march in Nashville

On Saturday a group of Nazis marched in Nashville. The significance of this happening during Black History Month should not be lost on anyone. We join people of good will around the state in condemning this march and what it represents.

We cannot fail to note that on Tuesday, the House Education Administration Committee approved HB1605 after much debate. This bill selectively bans some flags in our public schools. What is less clear is whether the bill actually protects flags like the Nazi flag in our schools.  From The Tennessean:

During discussion on the bill, Rep. Sam McKenzie, D-Knoxville, asked whether the bill, if passed, would permit school staff to display the Confederate flag or the Nazi flag. 

“Can teachers display a Nazi flag in their classroom?” McKenzie said. 

Following a spirited back-and-forth, the committee attorney noted that the bill did not specifically address either flag, and a court might need to be called upon to answer the question.

It is the perfect time for the sponsors to drop HB1605. We call on them to withdraw the bill so that it does not give any further encouragement to Nazi activity in our state.

The bill is up for a vote in the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday. People can urge the committee to reject the bill with the campaign at this link.



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