Tennessee's 2020 Slate of Hate

Tennessee’s 2020 Slate of Hate

Here are the key bills filed that present direct attacks on Tennessee's LGBTQ community that could move in the 2020 state legislative session.

Attacks on transgender youth:

SB2215/HB2576:  This bill interferes with the ability of transgender youth to access gender-affirming healthcare and outrageously labels violations as child abuse.

SB2077/HB1572 and SB1736/HB1689:  These bills prevent transgender youth from participating in school sports according to their gender identity.

SB1499/HB1274:  This bill represents a new twist on the older anti-transgender student bathroom bills. It provides state legal assistance to school districts that adopt anti-transgender student policies.  Filed in 2019.


Attacks on marriage equality:

SB2625/HB2410 and SB2290/HB2310:  These two bills attempt to undo or interrupt marriage equality by establishing a new definition of “secular marriage” and repealing existing Tennessee laws on marriage licensing.

SB1282/HB1369:  The Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act.  Filed in 2019.


Attacks on the ability of local governments to serve the LGBTQ community:

SB364/HB563:  The Business License to Discriminate bill prevents local governments from favoring companies that have good workplace policies like inclusive non-discrimination.  Filed in 2019.

SB2896/HB2721:  This bill would hinder the ability of public libraries to provide Pride and LGBTQ displays and programming.

How to Help:

1. If you would like to serve as a district captain for our March 3 Advancing Equality Day on the Hill, be in touch at [email protected] .  If you would like to volunteer in other ways, contact Jeremiah Dameron at [email protected] .

2. If you would like to contribute, go to this link.

Note:  There are additional bills that we are aware of and are tracking that could be used  as weapons against the LGBTQ community.  We will update the slate as we gather more information.  In addition, the adoption discrimination bill has already been signed into law.


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