Tennessee businesses don't want to Turn the Gays Away

Businesses all over Tennessee are signing up for Equality Means Business.  In fact, so far almost 80 have and you can find their names at this link.  That means they don't want to discriminate against gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender employees and customers.  And that means that they're not looking for a license to do so from the Legislature. 

Still, there's a strong possibility that the bill that plagued us this year will be back in 2015.  To prepare, we hope you'll RSVP for TEP's 11th annual Advancing Equality Day on the Hill.  You can do that here

If it comes back, we'll fight the bill with everything we have.  But if it passes, we're going to continue to expand Equality Means Business because we want to know where our business and where our job applications are welcome. 

If your business would like to join the program, you can do so at this link

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