Take action on discriminatory bills moving week of April 26

Discriminatory bills continue to advance. Take action and fight back with the steps below.

*If you want to have a phone meeting with your state senator and/or your state representative the week of April 26, contact us at [email protected] and we will help you get it set up and prepare you with an issue brief.

April 26

EVENTQuick Zoom Phone Bank on the Bad Bills

April 26 or April 27

*HB1027, the bill regulating gender-affirming care for trans youth, is up for a vote in House Government Operations Committee. Note: The information on the bill's page on the Legislature's web site says that it is up for a vote on April 27, but the House Government Operations Committee meeting is listed for April 26.  UPDATE:  The Government Operations Committee did approve the bill on April 26 and it is headed to the House floor soon.

-Use this easy form to contact your member of the Tennessee House of Representatives.

Indefinite Date

*SB1224, the anti-transgender sign mandate bill, will be on the Senate floor soon.

 -Use this easy form to send an email to your state senator and urge them to vote NO.

Note: There are additional bills that could be added to the calendar. If they are put on the calendar, we will add more campaigns.

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