Resources for the Special Legislative Session

The Special Legislative Session will begin on August 21 at 4:00 p.m. Central Time. As well as staffing up significantly in order to monitor every part of the legislative process, we are developing a list of resources for the special session in the lead-up to August 21. This page will be updated as needed. Some items are events. Others are things to read for greater understanding. If there are anti-LGBTQ bills or amendments to bills, we will have a strong focus on that legislation. Regardless, we will also be present to support the organizations leading the effort to curtail gun violence in our state.


AUG 15    

Murfreesboro: TEP Rutherford County meeting. Facebook event located here.

AUG 16    

Zoom: Tennessee Pride Chamber's Classroom Connect on the Special Session Facebook event located here.

AUG 17    

Nashville:  Drop in orientation to the special session. Facebook event located here.

AUG 18

Athens: LGBTQ+ Ally Workshop. TEP Knox, Anderson, and Blount Counties Chair Aly Chapman will be presenting at this PFLAG event. Facebook event located here.

AUG 21    

Nashville:  Balcony Brigade First Watch with HRC Nashville. Facebook event located here.

AUG 23    

Nashville:  AWAKE Day on the Hill. Sign up link located here.



Voices for a Safer Tennessee

Moms Demand Action Tennessee

Southern Christian Coalition

Our Kids Deserve Better



Nashville Scene coverage of the Governor's proclamation.

Tennessee Lookout coverage of the Governor's proclamation.

Coverage of the Governor's proclamation in The Tennessean.

WPLN coverage of the Governor's proclamation.

WPLN on the Speaker of the House focusing on tougher juvenile sentences instead of access to guns.

Tennessee Lookout piece on the special session leading to harsher forms of juvenile justice.

The Tennessean looks at our state's gun theft laws.

Tennessee Lookout coverage of the 2023 Child Fatality Annual Report

The Tennessean on Sen. Haile's proposal on threats of violence

The Nashville Scene previews a special session that holds little hope of gun restrictions.

The Tennessean on the push for gun reform coming from all corners.



The Sycamore Institute on firearm-related deaths in Tennessee

Tennessee Lookout story on TN Comptroller's Report on school shootings

Vanderbilt Poll from May 2023 that includes issues of gun violence

Tennessee Under the Gun


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