National Coming Out Day 2018. Come out for yourself and advocacy.

It's National Coming Out Day.  Come out for yourself if you're ready.  It's for you.  It's not about when others think you should be ready.

If you're already out or you consider yourself an ally, come out for advocacy.  Although at its core, coming out is a personal decision and experience, we know that "the personal is the political."  That is especially true in Tennessee.

It only took me fifteen minutes to find anti-marriage equality language on the campaign websites of one candidate for Governor of Tennessee, two candidates for State Senate, and three candidates for State House of Representatives.  And anti-transgender rhetoric was used in the gubernatorial primary earlier this year.  Coming out means more in Tennessee than in many places. Coming out for advocacy is more necessary in Tennessee than in many places.

Support our year-round legislative advocacy with a one-time contribution at this link.  Or you can make a monthly donation at this link. Whether you make a one-time contribution or make a sustaining monthly gift, we will lobby hard for you and organize throughout the state to fight back against hate and discrimination. 

Commit to attending at least one of our three Advancing Equality Days on the Hill in 2019.  The Legislature convenes in less than three months.  We've been preparing.  But we can't do it without you.  RSVP at these links:

Part 1 on February 5

Part 2 on March 5

Part 3 on April 2

We are grateful for your support.  You make it easier for people to come out and be themselves and to come out for advocacy.

Chris Sanders

Executive Director


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