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    We had trouble getting my husbands last name changed on his driver’s license today after presenting our marriage license from Maryland. (Side note: My last name was changed last year after going to court in Putnam county, paying $151.50, signing multiple documents stating I’m not a murderer or required to register on any abuse registries, and twenty minutes of questioning by the judge in a full court room. I did not want my husband to have to go through the same process, so we waited until after the SCOTUS ruling.) Our last name has already been changed on our passports, social security cards, college IDs, and other documents, but the DMV representative still gave us a hard time about the Maryland marriage license. After about two hours they agreed to hyphenate the names but not in the order we wanted them to be hyphenated. At that point, excuse the slang, but, Shit Got Real. We again explained very simply and loudly..Look! Look at this Passport, Look at this vehicle registration and vehicle insurance card. Look at this Social Security Card! It needs to be the same on all documents. After some brief arguing and requesting clarification from additional supervisors we got what we needed. From today on no married couple should have any problems changing their last name at this drivers service center. Typos courtesy of my iPhone.

    Marriage S.O.S.!


    Did you have trouble getting your marriage license or encounter any trouble at the county clerk's office?  Did you have trouble getting a name change on your license or other state document at the Department of Safety and Homeland Security or other state agency?  Are you encountering trouble on the job after your supervisor learned you got married?  Did someone threaten you for getting married?  Let us know. 

    Include your name, phone number, county in which the incident occurred, and nature of the problem in your response.

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