Get ready for Spirit Day on October 15, Stand against bullying, Stand up for LGBT youth

The Basics:  October 15 is #SpiritDay when so many LGBT advocates and allies will wear purple to show their support for LGBT youth and to take a stand against bullying.  GLAAD has lots of information and resources at this link.

You can also join GLAAD's Thunderclap to spread the word at this link.

The Tennessee Numbers:  There were 6959 confirmed cases of bullying in Tennessee public schools in 2014, according to the Tennessee Department of Education.  The numbers do not include a breakdown based on sexual orientation and gender identity. 

LGBT youth need to know that they are not alone and that are supported.  Tennessee Equality Project is one among many organizations in the state trying to make the lives of LGBT youth better.

What TEP is doing:  This past weekend we partnered with GLSEN Middle TN to put together a training for local high school students that equips them with resources to make their schools safer.  And on Thursday we are partnering with them again to host a Spirit Day rally in Nashville to show support.  It starts at 6:00 p.m. at Bicentennial Mall.  We urge you to attend and RSVP at this link.  Both events have been generously sponsored by the Nashville Predators Foundation.

TEP's work in this area flies under the banner of SAFE (Schools Are For Everyone) Tennessee, a program that operates mainly in East Tennessee but that also works in all parts of the state.  Leslie Wilson-Charles is the coordinator for East Tennessee.  If you are a parent, student, teacher, administrator, or school board member in East Tennessee and you would like to reach out to Leslie, you may contact her at [email protected]

Your support:  If you would like to support SAFE (Schools Are For Everyone) Tennessee with a tax deductible contribution, please go to this link.  We are grateful for your support that makes it possible to do more in Tennessee.

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