Campaigns for week of January 22

The week of January 22 will largely be a week to make up for the Legislature's absence from the Hill during the week of January 15. We expect the snow and ice to be gone or melting by January 22. Not only were legislators not in Nashville to conduct floor and committee business, but most bill-filing came to a halt. This may have an effect on the bill-filing deadline for both House and Senate.


SHOW UP:  Starting at 3:00 p.m. Central Time, Nashville Pride and TEP will host Pride Flag Day at the Capitol in response to SB1722/HB1605, the bill that would ban Pride and other flags at school. Participants are urged to wear something with a Pride flag including buttons or stickers or have a small Pride flag. Some signs will be available. To learn more, go to the Facebook event link. Note: The event takes place in the Capitol, not in the Cordell Hull Building.


CALENDAR NOTE:  HB1377 by Rep. Ragan, which is a bill about reporting "prohibited concepts" in education, is on the House Education Administration Committee calendar at 1:30 p.m. Central Time. It failed in the Senate Education Committee last year. The lobbying team does not expect the bill to run, but we won't know until Wednesday. You can attend the committee meeting in House Hearing Room 1 of the Cordell Hull Building.


LEARN:  On February 3 starting at Noon Central Time in Nashville, GLAAD offers their "Telling Your Story" training. Learn more at the link.

SHOW UP: Feb 13 is Advancing Equality Day on the Hill. We need people from around the state to come to the Cordell Hull Building in Nashville and meet with their legislators. If you are interested, please email us with either the names of your two legislators or your street address and Zip Code at [email protected] . Learn more at the Facebook event link.


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