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  • commented on Condolences to Mayor Megan Barry and her Family 2017-08-02 08:50:16 -0500
    Prayers for you and your family. That’s a tumultuous loss that no parent should be faced with. This isn’t the appropriate time, but I’d like to say that as an addict in recovery from opioid abuse, I feel a little better when I hear of pill mills being closed , doctors being held accountable for over prescribing, and new laws being introduced and implemented to stop this epidemic. Tennessee being ranked at the top of the list for opioid related deaths should be something that makes all Nashvillians concerned because eventually it will affect every family.

    Condolences to Mayor Megan Barry and her Family

    Nashville Mayor Megan Barry and her husband Bruce recently lost their son Max.  Members of the LGBT community and allies can leave their condolences here and we will deliver them to the Mayor.  Please include your city in your comments.  Thank you for showing your love for Mayor Barry and her family.

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