William Allen

  • endorsed 2017-06-12 13:40:37 -0500
    After what I along with some of my Uber passengers have experienced time after time, after events close at Nissan Stadium, now more than ever, I will get involved.

    Here is what the Police are doing; as I approach an intersection that is open to get on the interstate, they block it off. Yet, before me other cars are allowed to exit. This causes me to have take a route that is not expedient; the redirected route can effect the Passengers ability to give a higher rating; it can delay the return time to pick up other passengers, and of most importance affect my pay.

    There is a need for foot soilders presence to observe how this obstruction happens.

    My concern is if it is happening to me, are there other drivers of Color it happens to.

    Your comments are anticipated and welcomed,

    William Allen

    I Pledge to Work for Equality and Justice after the Marches

    Sign your name and let us know your email address to pledge your ongoing commitment to the work for full equality in Tennessee after the marches and celebrations are over.  That will allow us to stay in touch with you about key training events around the state.

    I pledge to work for equality and justice for LGBTQ people in Tennessee after the marches and rallies.  I will keep their spirit with me and find ways to resist discrimination and build power for the equality movement.  Please, contact me on June 26 for a special announcement about opening a new front in the fight for good public policy for LGBTQ people in Tennessee.

    I want to join my efforts with equality advocates statewide to resist the Legislature's attacks.


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