Governor Haslam, Veto SB1085/HB1111


Add your name and urge Governor Haslam to veto SB1085/HB1111, the Sneaky LGBT Erasure Bill.  After you sign the petition, share it with your friends.  We will deliver a hard copy of the signatures to the Governor's Office.  Your voice can help determine whether he uses the VETO pen or the BECOMES LAW pen!

Dear Governor Haslam,

We ask you to veto SB1085/HB1111.  This bill, as the Attorney General has noted, is broadly written.  Its vagueness could result in conflicts with existing laws about judicial interpretation.  These conflicts are likely to cause discrimination against LGBTQ people, particularly with respect to marriage, adoption, and legal documents.  This bill risks subjecting Tennessee to the same scrutiny that North Carolina has received.  We cannot afford hundreds of millions of dollars in economic boycotts and sanctions.  Please, veto this bill so we can avoid judicial chaos and costly discrimination.  Thank you for considering our views.

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  • Bonnie Stroupe
    signed 2017-04-27 14:28:01 -0500
    Don’t take us backwards!
  • Brandy Word Stanton
    signed 2017-04-27 14:27:35 -0500
  • Jeannie Ingram
    signed 2017-04-27 14:27:32 -0500
  • Joe Brown
    signed 2017-04-27 14:27:26 -0500
  • Barbara Brinkley
    signed 2017-04-27 14:27:26 -0500
    As a Tennessee taxpayer and a grandmother of a beloved granddaughter who is a member of this vulnerable community, I implore you to veto this bill. Be the governor of all Tennesseeans.
  • Carol Rabideau
    signed 2017-04-27 14:27:05 -0500
  • Juli Dennis
    signed 2017-04-27 14:26:49 -0500
  • Jordan Howard
    signed via 2017-04-27 14:26:49 -0500
    Jordan Moore Howard
  • Tracy Janssen Law
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-04-27 14:26:33 -0500
    Sign the petition: Governor Haslam, Veto SB1085/HB1111
  • Tracy Law
    signed via 2017-04-27 14:26:08 -0500
  • John Lassiter
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-04-27 14:25:01 -0500
    Sign the petition: Governor Haslam, Veto SB1085/HB1111
  • shelley cook
    signed 2017-04-27 14:24:37 -0500
  • John Lassiter
    signed 2017-04-27 14:24:22 -0500
  • Catherine Powers
    signed 2017-04-27 14:24:21 -0500
  • Bill Larson
    signed 2017-04-27 14:24:21 -0500
  • Cindy Roberts
    signed 2017-04-27 14:24:15 -0500
  • Heather Kenny
    signed 2017-04-27 14:24:14 -0500
  • Cindy Walker
    signed via 2017-04-27 14:24:07 -0500
  • Chad Smith
    signed 2017-04-27 14:23:49 -0500
  • Mallory Pickert
    signed 2017-04-27 14:23:40 -0500
  • Judy Wiens
    signed 2017-04-27 14:23:34 -0500
    This bill is not reflective of Tennessean’s hearts.
  • Rick Whitted
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-04-27 14:23:24 -0500
    Sign the petition: Governor Haslam, Veto SB1085/HB1111
  • Bridgett Jones
    signed via 2017-04-27 14:23:00 -0500
  • Ricky Whitted
    signed 2017-04-27 14:22:51 -0500
  • Shawn Hughes
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-04-27 14:22:28 -0500
    Sign the petition: Governor Haslam, Veto SB1085/HB1111
  • Debra Obrock
    signed 2017-04-27 14:22:27 -0500
  • Eddie McDoniel
    signed 2017-04-27 14:22:25 -0500
  • Barry Knowles
    signed 2017-04-27 14:22:18 -0500
  • Amy Edwards
    signed 2017-04-27 14:22:16 -0500
  • Shawn Hughes
    signed 2017-04-27 14:22:00 -0500
    I see TN hadn’t learned a thing from what happened in NC, and NC’s bill didn’t even include the entire LGBT group and also women that are single or own property. This is unbelievably bad legislation at its finest, with more repercussions than we can even know at this time. This loathsome and sneaky “language change” will wreak havoc on our current laws and nullify many rights just by the simple change. Just one example of many, Article 1, section 21 of the TN state constitution states: “That no man’s particular services shall be demanded, or property taken, or applied to public use, without the consent of his representatives, or without just compensation being made therefore.” This new language change technically means we can no longer interpret that the meaning of “man” in this context or law to apply to a woman or any other individual, thus this protection or law would no longer apply to “woman” or “women” who owns property, because it does not state it, and can no longer be inferred. This is some low, sneaky legislation that is utterly void of any intelligence whatsoever and with complete lack of foresight of the devastating consequences it holds for the future of our entire state, as well as our economy and the well-being of our people. This is a straight out attack on all LGBTQ citizens as well as all women in our state. Don’t let this be part of your legacy. Anything less than a veto and condemnation of these bills is a travesty.

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