Final Scores for the TEP Gumbo Contest 2016

All of the gumbo teams are winners in the eyes of Tennessee Equality Project, but the judges and people tasting the gumbos had to make difficult choices on who was the best.

Five (5) judges scored each team’s gumbo on a 1 to 5 point-scale for aroma, consistency, taste and aftertaste. The points awarded by each judge was added (the highest possible score = 100 = 20 points x 5 judges).

The People's Choice Gumbo was judged only by public vote. The gumbo with the most votes became the winner of this competition. Unfortunately, the total vote counts for the People's Choice competition for all team gumbos were lost during clean-up after the event. 


Table # Team Name Team Leader Judge's Choice Score People's Choice Place
1 Rouxlin on the River Nathan Tipton 39 3
2 Rouxlin on the River Nathan Tipton Withdrawn  
3 The Gumbros Christy Tweddle 69 1
4 Nawlin's Best Shelby County Commissioner Reginald Milton 51  
5 UnRouxLy Stephanie Wilbanks 55  
6 Shrimp Tease Carla Lewis Withdrawn  
7 The Holy Trinity's Bryan Roberts 54  
8 Cajun Napalm Joey Betterton 48  
9 Pink Diva on Spice Cassi Conyers 50  
10 Wanna Spoon Jason Glasgow Withdrawn  
11 The Memphidanos Tracey Yarbro 60  
12 Thought Sausage presented by Whitney Entertainment Brokers Stephen Whitney Withdrawn  
13 Straight A's Julie Byrd 44  
14 Evergreen Presbyterian Mary Button 46  
15 Big Daddies Lil' Bear Gumbo Scott Blake 32  
16 Roux-thless Dames Leigh Chiles 52 2

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