TEP denounces State Representative's attempt to get county clerks to ignore Supreme Court marriage ruling

Today it was reported that Rep. Rick Womick has sent a message to county clerks urging them to ignore the Governor, the Attorney General, and the Supreme Court ruling overturning the state ban on same-sex marriage.

The Representative's comments, if acted upon, could temporarily deprive people of their right to marry and would result in substantial legal expenses for county governments who would surely lose if challenged in federal district court.  Taxpayers would pick up the bill.

It's time to move forward, not back to the years of couples lacking basic protections for their relationships.  The Supreme Court has ruled.  We need to look at ways of living and working together with our neighbors of all sexual orientations and gender identities for a stronger Tennessee.

*The Representative's statements are another reminder that we will face a tough legislative session when the Tennessee General Assembly reconvenes.  We call on the LGBT community and allies across the state to get involved at this link and prepare a strong defense. 

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