Governor Haslam, Veto SB1085/HB1111


Add your name and urge Governor Haslam to veto SB1085/HB1111, the Sneaky LGBT Erasure Bill.  After you sign the petition, share it with your friends.  We will deliver a hard copy of the signatures to the Governor's Office.  Your voice can help determine whether he uses the VETO pen or the BECOMES LAW pen!

Dear Governor Haslam,

We ask you to veto SB1085/HB1111.  This bill, as the Attorney General has noted, is broadly written.  Its vagueness could result in conflicts with existing laws about judicial interpretation.  These conflicts are likely to cause discrimination against LGBTQ people, particularly with respect to marriage, adoption, and legal documents.  This bill risks subjecting Tennessee to the same scrutiny that North Carolina has received.  We cannot afford hundreds of millions of dollars in economic boycotts and sanctions.  Please, veto this bill so we can avoid judicial chaos and costly discrimination.  Thank you for considering our views.

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  • Ashley Mcelhannon
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-05-04 17:59:30 -0500
    Sign the petition: Governor Haslam, Veto SB1085/HB1111
  • Ashley Mcelhannon
    @amcelha3 tweeted link to this page. 2017-05-04 17:59:27 -0500
  • Ashley Mcelhannon
    signed 2017-05-04 17:58:46 -0500
    Ashley Mcelhannon
  • Dana Hovan
    signed 2017-05-04 17:48:32 -0500
    Things like this have me looking to leave the state and possibly the country of USA altogether. I am a highly educated teacher and work in inner city schools. To be frank, I am needed here. But not at the expense of so much and so many. We are a laughing stock in the nation already due to so many other issues. And economically we are blessed. But that will likely change drastically like in NC if you pass such legislation. The church is the bride of christ, not the whore of the republican party. Get religion out of the government .
  • rachel bubis
    signed 2017-05-04 17:09:36 -0500
  • Catherine Boggan
    signed 2017-05-04 16:59:51 -0500
  • Caroline Miller
    signed 2017-05-04 16:43:44 -0500
  • Joe Minter
    signed 2017-05-04 16:37:36 -0500
  • Katie Alexander
    signed 2017-05-04 16:18:32 -0500
  • Suzanne Barnes
    signed via 2017-05-04 16:12:03 -0500
    Suzanne D Barnes
  • Richard Hooper
    signed 2017-05-04 14:28:33 -0500
  • Toni Woodall Corbin
    signed 2017-05-04 14:21:06 -0500
  • Lennie Robertson
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-05-04 14:20:40 -0500
    Sign the petition: Governor Haslam, Veto SB1085/HB1111
  • Lennie Robertson
    signed via 2017-05-04 14:20:19 -0500
  • Christine McInerney
    signed via 2017-05-04 14:12:01 -0500
    This bill nicknamed “The LGBT Erasure Bill” undermines protections for women and LGBT citizens and is a direct challenge to the SCOTUS decision of marriage equality. I am adamantly opposed and appalled that this time of legislation is even being considered and I urge Haslam to veto this discriminatory bill.
  • Theresa Wiseman
    signed 2017-05-04 13:35:13 -0500
  • Nikkie Lema
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-05-04 13:29:13 -0500
    Sign the petition: Governor Haslam, Veto SB1085/HB1111
  • Lean e Lema
    signed via 2017-05-04 13:28:34 -0500
  • Leslie Haddock
    signed 2017-05-04 13:12:30 -0500
  • Jessica Lavender
    signed 2017-05-04 13:10:18 -0500
    No one I know, Republican or Democrat, Gay or Straight, supports this continued harassment of the LGBT community. Please encourage our State legislature to use their time on bills of value to our state and to stop this useless waste of time passing discriminatory bills!
  • Elizabeth Minter
    signed 2017-05-04 13:01:04 -0500
    It is our DUTY!
  • Lisa Gomez
    signed 2017-05-04 12:57:05 -0500
  • Diana Smith
    signed 2017-05-04 12:56:05 -0500
  • Kris Ford
    signed via 2017-05-04 12:44:07 -0500
  • Alice Clayton
    signed 2017-05-04 12:34:00 -0500
  • Amanda Hooten
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-05-04 12:11:42 -0500
    Sign the petition: Governor Haslam, Veto SB1085/HB1111
  • Amanda Hooten
    signed via 2017-05-04 12:11:10 -0500
  • Evan Woodson
    signed via 2017-05-04 12:04:47 -0500
    Evan R. Woodson
  • Michelle Joyner
    signed 2017-05-04 12:03:05 -0500
  • Sophia Seage
    signed 2017-05-04 11:49:37 -0500

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