Family Action using Tennessee Bible debate to stoke flames of discrimination and build case for RFRA

On Thursday the Tennessee Senate decided not to pass the legislation that would have designated the Bible as Tennessee's official state book.  Many Christians in the Legislature argued that passing the bill would have denigrated the Bible.

But the result has displeased the Family Action Council, as Tom Humphrey reports.    And it doesn't take long before they argue for the ability of businesses to refuse service to LGBT people.  From the piece quoted by Humphrey:

…The sooner we wake up to the myth of neutrality the better. Neutrality is the mantra of those who would use it until such time as they suppress the reigning orthodoxy of the views with which they disagree. When those people succeed, they abandon neutrality in order to maintain control of the new orthodoxy. If you don’t believe me, go ask the florists, bakers, and T-shirt makers who have run into the “neutrality” of those who advocate for same-sex “marriage” and homosexuality as a civil right.

And what is the legislation that allows businesses to refuse service?  RFRA!  Family Action is on a warpath to advance such legislation.  They are thinking about it and preparing for it constantly.

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One final point.  The LGBT community and our allies are a cross-section of the wider population.  There are people of a variety of faiths including every kind of Christianity and people of no faith.  It is not equality or failure to make the Bible the official book of Tennessee that harms religion.  Hate and discrimination are the problem.  Many millennials have left religion because of anti-LGBT rhetoric and practices

No one on our side is trying to destroy anyone's faith.  Trying to use faith to achieve official state recognition or to discriminate are the real problems. 

We stand for a Tennessee where everyone's conscience is free of state interference and where everyone is free to live fully without discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.  We need your help to work towards that goal.


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